The Fox's Kitchen: Cherished Recipes from Philadelphia's Historic Radnor Hunt


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Virginia Judson McNeil


From the Radnor Hunt, the oldest continuous foxhunting organization in the US––steeped in tradition and promoting sustainable hunting practices––comes The Fox’s Kitchen, a beautiful cookbook reflecting the intersection between a beloved sport and the country living and entertaining that Radnor Hunt fully embraces. Radnor Hunt has always epitomized the best of eating, drinking, and making merry whether it’s contained in a pewter flask or in a crystal port glass; whether it’s served on a paper plate or on Wedgwood porcelain; whether it’s a post-hunting tailgate, hunt breakfast, or dinner for twelve! To celebrate this long devotion to food and drink, members and friends of the hunt have come together to create this beautiful collection of recipes borrowed from the kitchens around hunt country. Radnor Hunt is pleased to share this collection of fifteen full menus and nearly one hundred recipes––everything from cocktails and appetizers to main courses and desserts.


Founded in Radnor, Pennsylvania in 1883, the Radnor Hunt is the oldest continuously active fox hunt in the United States, recognized by the Masters of Foxhounds Association of America. For a century and a quarter, Radnor Hunt has been the center of an active and loyal sporting community.