Grewal Equestrian St. Andrews Fancy Raised Hunter Bridle

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The channel crown of St. Andrews Fancy Raised Hunter Bridle provides comfort and a streamlined classy look for the show ring. Soft, quality leather needs a little break-in time that your horse will appreciate. The channel crown, browband, and noseband are softly padded for extra comfort.


This traditional English snaffle bridle includes stainless steel stud hooks on the ends of reins and the cheekpieces that attach to the bit. Suitable and durable enough for everyday riding.


Includes laced reins with raised fancy stitching. 




- Padded channel crown

- Fancy stitched, padded browband and noseband

- Stainless steel hardware

- Show ring quality fine leather


Browband 4/5" Crown 1 1/5" Noseband 1 1/3" Cheek 2/3" Reins 2/3"