SP RHODES & OTH Exclusive Dual-Groom Ergonomic Horse Face Brush



The SP RHODES Dual-Groom Face Brush is large enough to fit in the palm of your hand and small enough to fit in your pocket. This high-quality horse face brush is ergonomic, convenient and features dense, soft bristles for final touches ringside or before rides at home. Facial horse hygiene is important because a face free of debris, dust and dander will help you to avoid rubs, reduce the likelihood of skin issues and allow for a true bonding experience when you groom.


This brush is much larger that standard face brushes for a reason. Larger bristle surface area with short, stout, dense bristles means you can navigate face grooming in half the time with twice the precision for a professional salon-quality finish.


This brush is used to distribute oils throughout the hair coat on the face and remove dust and debris from around the eyes, ears, poll, forehead and muzzle.


  • Size: 6.23 L” x  2.4″ W  x 2.5″H
  • Profiled polymer bristles
  • Designed in France

How to Use

We recommend using this brush as a second step in your grooming routine. Step 1 is using a curry comb to stimulate your horse’s skin and bring dirt and dander to the surface of the hair coat. After you have curried your horse, start at your horse’s poll on the left side and use quick short strokes to remove debris from the top of the hair coat. Use after a curry comb and before the SP RHODES Dual-Groom Polishing Brush.


Fill a pan with water and dish detergent. Place your brushes bristle down in pan. Waterline should be just below wood blocks (do not submerge wood block in water). Oscillate each brush in the water without getting the wood block wet; this will loosen dirt and debris. Soak brushes for one hour. Rinse bristles with water only and air-dry with bristles facing down. It is recommended that brushes be cleaned once a month if you are grooming daily.