SP RHODES & OTH Exclusive Dual-Groom Ringside Polishing Brush



Ships Feb 1, 2024.


This SP RHODES Dual-Groom Custom Ringside Polishing brush is designed in France using 100% natural fiber bristles with a solid double-varnished hardwood for lasting performance.

This brush is made to feature one pointed end and a rounded end. The pointed end is used for hard-to-groom areas that require precision grooming. The opposite end side has denser bristles for broader contact with the hair coat. This is the perfect brush or sensitive skin. This brush is frequently used ringside for last-minute grooming touch-ups. We recommend keeping this dandy handy in your SP RHODES Ring Bag.


  • 19.1 x 6.4 x 6.9 cm
  • Made with renewable materials
  • Natural fibre polishing bristles
  • Designed in France

How to Use

Use after the SP RHODES Dual-Groom Antibacterial Horse Dandy Brush for a deep shine. Follow the hair coat pattern using long firm strokes to remove loose hair and distribute oils. Ideal for delicate areas and sensitive horses.


Fill a pan with water and dish detergent. Place your brushes bristle down in pan. Waterline should be just below wood blocks (do not submerge wood block in water). Oscillate each brush in the water without getting the wood block wet; this will loosen dirt and debris. Soak brushes for one hour. Rinse bristles with water only and air-dry with bristles facing down. It is recommended that brushes be cleaned once a month if you are grooming daily.