Pénélope Hazelnut US Bridle



Introducing the Pénélope Hazelnut US Bridle exquisite, where sophistication meets functionality. Crafted from buttery soft leather, this bridle is the epitome of luxury and comfort for your equine companion.


Designed as an everyday essential, this bridle is not only a statement of elegance but also ensures unparalleled durability. The hazelnut colored leather exudes timeless charm, making it a perfect choice for any equestrian endeavor, from leisurely rides to competitive outings.


Contrasting reinforcements accentuate the beauty of the bridle while ensuring structural integrity. Soft leather lining under the headpiece and browband enhances comfort, minimizing pressure points for your horse.


The flash noseband features a removable attachment, allowing for versatility in training or riding preferences. Whether you choose to use the flash or prefer a classic look, this bridle adapts to your needs effortlessly.


Included with the bridle are rubber reins, providing excellent grip and control during rides. Every detail of this bridle has been meticulously crafted to elevate your riding experience while keeping your horse comfortable and stylish.


Indulge your equine partner with the unparalleled luxury and quality of our Hazelnut Leather Horse Bridle, a must-have addition to any equestrian's collection.

Care Instructions

Full size


clean with glycerin soap and add a thin layer of leather balm