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Equestrian Wellness Arnica Muscle Medic Balm



Treat and soothe sore muscles with our warming and soothing organic arnica muscle medic balm featuring a winning blend of Texas olive oil infused with sustainably wildcrafted juniper & organic arnica flower & organic cayenne.  This salve penetrates the skin easily, soothing and healing sore muscles while reducing inflammation.  


It's a great post ride or post workout treatment or anytime you're feeling sore and achy.  


Directions:  apply to sore muscles and rub in circular motion. Use as needed and wash hands before and after use.  Keep away from eyes and face. Store in cool / dry place.


Texas olive oil infused with sustainably wildcrafted Juniper, Arnica flower*, and cayenne*; shea butter*, local beeswax.  


*organic ingredients.