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SPR x OTH Dual-Groom Antibacterial Dandy Brush



The SP RHODES Dual-Groom Antibacterial dandy brush features a unique solid wood block with different bristle distribution on opposite sides of the brush. Use the pointed end for precision grooming in hard to reach and delicate areas. Use the rounded end for grooming neck, flank and over the rump.  The bristles are made using a sustainable, renewable natural resource, sisal fiber. 

Sisal fiber is rot resistant, anti-static, has antibacterial properties and is dust and mite resistant.


This brush can be held in either hand. Use the rounded end for legs and over the flank and the pointed side for behind the elbows and behind the ears. Start at the poll on the left (near) side and work over all the body.

Use before the SP RHODES Dual-Groom Polishing Brush.


• Size: 21.2 x 6.9 x 7.4 cm
• Solid hardwood block
• Sisal fiber with antibacterial properties
Designed in France