Grey Horse Candle Company Reed Diffuser



These lovely 7 ounce (200 ml) reed diffusers will make the perfect addition to a barn, bathroom or business. A safe alternative to a traditional candle, especially when horses are involved! The rattan reeds are all natural, with clear channels within the reed that allows the oil to travel upwards. Will provide you with a wonderful scent for 3-4 months.


1. Fragrance oil can stain and damage surfaces so please protect area from spillage. 

2. Place reeds into vessel and allow them to absorb the oil. The number of reeds you add determines how light or strong the scent throw will be. 

3. After a few minutes, carefully flip the reeds so that the saturated ends are in the air. 

4. Spread your reeds out to allow space for air circulation. 

5. Flip your reeds once a week or whenever you want a fresh burst of fragrance.