Prim’s Yum Mash



Prim's Yum Mash is a gourmet and beneficial Mash Kit, these kits are single serving which means no need to guess how much to give your horse. There is no corn and no bran and integrate into your feed program easily.


Prim's Yum Mash has delicious ingredients including, Alfalfa Pellets, Beet Pulp, and Golden Flax. These mash kits are perfect for the showing horse as each contains beneficial supplements to aid in your horses health.




Absorb is a digestive mash that helps horses upset from travel, showing, or just a stressed day. Absorb contains Prebiotics, Probiotics, Bentonite Clay, and Dandelion Leaves to help with diarrhea and upset.


Restore is a muscle recovery mash that helps horses with muscle support from travel or showing. Repair contains Biotin, Vitamin E, Selenium, and Peppermint Leaves.


Soothe is a calming mash that helps horses with keeping calm for travel or showing. Sooth contains Raspberry Leaves & Magnesium.