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Equestriess Atilier Post Ride Helmet Refresher & Linen Parfum



This post ride helmet refresher can be used to spray the inside of your helmet or boots to get rid of unwanted smells. Don't stop there, it can be used as a room spray & linen spray! 


Yuzu is a citric fruit with a sweet citric smell of oranges & grapefruit, with added sea salt to break up the sweetness so it is not incredibly pungent. It is the perfect balance of salty & sweet.

Chamomile is more of a sweet fresh earthy smell, a little bit smoky with a hint of apples.


Directions : test a small patch area before using on linens. Mist desired are minimum 6 inches away from face with 2 to 3 pumps and let mist settle. Use as desired.


Flammable! Do not spray over open flames and avoid extreme temperatures. Do not apply directly to skin or body. Do not inhale mist particles. Do not drink, external use only. Keep away from children.



Denat, Alcohol, Fragrance oil, propanediol, cremophor RH 40, Glucam P-20, DPG, 24K Gold.


Potent with perfume grade ingredients. A little goes a long way for a beautiful scent that will fill a room. Infused with genuine 24K gold flakes for a unique aesthetic.


4 fl. oz.