Equestrian Wellness Fresh Hair



Fresh week, fresh hair!  What happens after you remove your helmet?  Now you can really say goodbye to bad smelling, sweaty hair!  Tame, freshen and defrizz your lovely locks post-ride with this amazing hair refresher! Combat odor-causing bacteria, fungus and dirt with a few sprays and it's just the thing to keep your hair & scalp feeling soft and smelling fresh in between shampoos.  This is the ultimate hair care tool when you have to re-enter civilization after a sweat-induced ride.  


Did you know there's also a skin & scalp soothing ingredient in our Fresh Hair?  It's called lactobacillus ferment (from radishes) and lactobacillus + cocos nucifera (coconut) fruit extract.  This non-GMO and preservative-free ingredient is derived from the bacteria created from kimchi and is made with radish root and willow bark extract. It offers potent moisturizing benefits as well as addressing numerous skin and scalp conditions. 

Suggested Use

spray on hands and gently massage into hair and scalp.  avoid contact with eyes.  shake well before use.


lemongrass hydrosol, aloe vera gel*, vegetable glycerine*, peppermint eo, lavender eo*, lemongrass eo*, rosemary eo*, lactobacillus ferment (from radishes) and lactobacillus + cocos nucifera (coconut) fruit extract, non-gmo vitamin e