Equestrian Wellness Bug Spray

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Keep bugs away & enjoy the outdoors...naturally.  Did you know the majority of bug sprays contain harmful chemicals?  Equestrian Wellness' products are always environmentally-friendly, non-toxic to humans & animals & cruelty-free!


This organic bug spray formula is - as always - skin friendly, safe and effective!  If you forget to apply before being bitten, this amazing formula can be used to effectively take the sting and irritation out of bug bites!  The main ingredient yarrow is said to have a very good anti-inflammatory effect helping to eliminate the welts that arise after a bite as well as the ability to combat allergic reactions to bites. 


suggested use: shake well and spray liberally over exposed skin or fitted clothing. Reapply as often as needed. also use as a remedy for bites and stings. keep out of eyes.


distilled water, yarrow* tincture, apple cider vinegar*, lemongrass eo*, geranium eo, rosemary eo*, tea tree eo