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SPR X OTH Sweat Scraper



We have all seen sweat scrapers before but nothing like this! Carefully handcrafted and contoured to flow with the lines of your horse’s body. Ergonomic design allows for comfort grip. Deep water trough prevents water from running down your arm for more efficient water and sweat removal. 

Double-sealed hardwood reduces risk of mildew. Smooth edges and a substantial handle make this a unique one-of-a-kind design. A perfect new addition to your grooming kit. 


How to Use

A sweat scraper is a critical part of your bathing routine. In hot weather, horses are unable to evaporate much of the water on the surface of their coats. The water acts as a thin insulating barrier, increasing the chance of overheating. 


When we hose off a horse, heat is transferred from his body to the water. The quicker we remove that warmed water with our scraper, the sooner the horse cools down. If we do a poor job of scraping, water sits on his coat, actually making him hotter than he was when he was just sweaty.